Short Sale Data Management Systems...Any recommendations?

Hello everyone,


My partner and I have been looking to purchase a Data Management System for our short sale business and I was hoping that there might be a few of you who might have a recommedation that isnt 'selling us' a program.


We've looked into Short Sale Commander, Short Sale Genius, Taza.  Do any of you have practical experience using these systems? Pros/Cons on any of these?


Your candid feedback is very much appreciated.


Thanks to all-


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I use a great program foreclosure guard. It is a Internet based program and could not handle all my short sales without it!
I use
none of the commercial systems are meant for large scale processing.  They are built for investors and contain a lot of unnecessary features.

Joseph did you create your own system?   Wendy

yes, it was built by processors, for processors-high volume.
i know you have a system... have you started to offer this commercially?  i am interested to see something that really really works and doesn't have a bunch fluff... short sale commonder seems to be used by some very large agent teams...
our system will come to market in a few months
I use Short Sale Builder, and have been happy with it.  I believe it to be one of the first programs to come to market.  There was an internal rift in the company a few months back, and one of the partners bolted to Short Sale Automator / Realty Infusion.  So Short Sale Builder is becoming Laurus Office this year and will have a substantial upgrade.  The Laurus Office folks are high integrity and very customer service focussed.  I have 40 files going at pretty much any time, so the system seems to be adequate from my perspective.  I have just re-structured to increase volume to around 100+ files based on business growth, and will be a beta tester on the new Laurus Office.  I intend to remain with them.  $97 per month.



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