Real time Resolutions keeps insisting for Wells fargo to sing an ARSS form??

I am processing a short sale where Wfargo is the 21st lien holder and Real time resolutions is the 2nd. Real time resolutions keeps insisting that Wells Fargo has to sign an ARSS form for them in order for Real time resolutions to give us the approval letter. Now Wells Fargo said they do not sing ARSS forms for other servicers and instead they send a NOSS form. Real Time resolutions keep insisting on this form to be signed by Wells Fargo?? Please Help!!!! :(

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am sorry Wells fargo is the 1st lien holder sorry for the typo.

get an email from your wells fargo representative stating that they there is no ARASS form on this transaction and forward it to your negotiator at RTR. Also, I'd escalate at RTR as not all mortgage servicers use the ARASS.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to reach out to me and I'll do my best to point you in the right direction.


Thank you, I have the email from Wells Fargo where the negotiator states that they do not sign ARSS for any servicers. I already send it to RTR however they kept insisting on this. I spoke to the negotiator of RTR and he agree to send the docs to the underwriter for final review hopefully this is a good sign, and we will be issue the approval letter. Hopefully they will not insist on this. :( Thank you for your reply I really appreciate it.

Speak to a manager at RTR. Also call the executive office at WF and see if they can somehow provide you with what RTR is asking. Just keep pushing on both servicers until one of them folds and moves forward. I've seen RTR do this before and you should be able to get over this hurdle.

Thank you I will follow your advise and continue trying :) Thank you so much!!!



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