PNC Bank Sponsors Social Media So I Figure I would Show Them Some

PNC had no idea when they were offering to train us on the latest social media methods that we would want to use it to address their CEO.  Spread the word.  The full story is at

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I hear you loud and clear...Had a HAFA approval with Chase as the 1st and PNC as the 2nd. They refused to co operate with the HAFA and demanded $37,000. This after 6 months of waiting for PNC to give us a reply. I explained HAFA to the PNC "Short Sale expert:". Only to get a reply of "Well I guess we will 'take the house back'" . Because I worked on this file for so long I felt that I needed to write them a reply to that uneducated responce. They held the 2nd! If anyone was going to 'Take the house back' it woudl have been Chase. I informed the PNC EXPERT that now I completely understood why PNC was know as "PEOPLE NOT CARING" . I then received an email from the negotiator stating that the file was closed because 'I' did not counter them. Funny part was I did and they said NO, $37,000. or 'They take the house back'.

I will not even try to negotiate with PNC anymore. They truly do not know what they are doing...From the President to the so called Experts.

We have mirrored situations.. Please share the video.. they will get the point when it get enought views by the professionals that send them Mortgage Business. They may be slow to learn but they will learn.

Are they doing a Social Media Training in your area?  I got the flyer for the one they are doing here.

Please share the video with your fellow Realtors.


I have not seen any advert. for the social media. Thank goodness that it appears not too many people have PNC. I always ask my buyers where the loan is going. If ever one was to say PNC I would have to have a long talk with the Lender and the borrower. Unfortunantly the people we speak  with at PNC, appear to be completely uneducated to the outside world of short sales. Good luck with your quest..



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