New FHA PFS eligibility requirements - A few questions!

FHA - New PFS requirements - couple of questions:
1. I see that vacant properties that are not condemned are now eligible. Does that mean that there is no longer a "time period" attached to the vacancy and or rental period? I'm thinking "yes" since the new guidelines also now state that "principal residences, second home, and investment properties are eligible".
2. Are non owner-occupants no longer eligible incentive? I see that owner-occupants are now eligible for up to $3000, but it doesn't reference non owner-occupants.
3. There is a section on previously initiated foreclosures. Does that mean foreclosures initiated PRIOR TO receiving an ATP? 
4. I also see that "Scheduled foreclosure sales should only be cancelled if the mortgagee has received an acceptable purchase contract that meets the requirements of 2008-43." Does that mean they are taking away the foreclosure protection once offered by the ATP?
5. Is Mortgagee Letter 2013-23 and addendum to or to be used in place of 2008-43. I thought it was replacing it, but now it appears to just be amending certain sections. - ACTUALLY JUST ANSWERED THIS ONE MYSELF.  IT'S AN ADDENDUM TO ANYONE ELSE CONFUSED.

Lord help us all. And, yes, as I write this I am writing a continuing ed class for GA so that once I get it all figured out I can teach the poor, blessed rest of us/them.

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The incentive money (up to $3000) is for the occupants. If it is unoccupied they will not receive, it was meant to help with the relocation costs.

The Scheduled foreclosures will go forward unless they have a short sale approval.

Seems like there are always changes and I am sure will be more coming on the way.

Since Wells Fargo and Chase has laid off employees I think we will see longer closings with the lack of staff in the short sale department. Hope that will not be the case, short sales love them or hate them, they are still going to be around at least for another year or two in my opinion.




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