Quite often, we angrily post discussions about some of the issues that we're having with certain lenders and Mike L. did the noble thing and began a post regarding our favorite lenders to work with.....well....I'd like to take it a step further and give "shout outs" to those negotiators who actually worked with us to get the deal done....I'll start...


1) Thomas Hanley, Christopher Monk, and Damon Foman (Bank of America)

2) Jamie Hill (US Bank.....yep, can you believe it!)

3)Teresa Knapke (PNC Mortgage)


Come on....your turn!!!

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Jeff Williamson-Nationstar Mortgage

Kellie Kaiser-WAMU/Chase

Do you have any contact information for Jeff Williamson? I really need some Nationstar help!

April Bostic (Bank of American equity lines)


Julianne Rodriguez (NationStar)


And the best Latonia Thrower (Midfirst/ Midland)

I would be curious to contact Julianne at NationStar if you have an email?  I have a deal that has been sitting on their desk for months with little movement despite frequent followup.  Any help is appreciated.
Love it...

Amber Pettorini from Wells Fargo Home Mortgage (I always appreciate the consistency at Wells Fargo, but she is the best)  :)


I should also add Sheryl Nelson at WF as well.  Its been awhile since I worked with her, but she was great too.

Lisa Thomas and Renee Dobbins -- Everhome.


Thorin Chaffee -- Chase.

I need some help with a file at Everhome. Renee Dobbins is the supervisor.

Sean Cleland - AHMSI
Ann Williams - HSBC

Mathew Fagan  Wells Fargo HELOC

Rob Geiger  Wells Fargo HELOC

Steven Edwards  Wells Fargo

Stephanie Kroll  Sevice Link

Almost EVERY negociator I work with is great. The problem is the people leading to them.

I will never do anothr Flagstar ever




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