I have a short sale I need to escalate. Trustee's sale is 7/8. Tried to get it postponed last week, no luck. Aurora ordered an appraisal which was done 7/2. At this point would it help to get an attorney's office involved? Or could you provide me with names and phone numbers, email addresses of supervisors? They are definitely going to make more money, then if they foreclose. Would appreciate any advice that you might give me.

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Attorneys -- most loan Servicers could care less who is contacting them, be it a Harvard grad. attorney, or, a middle school drop out, end of the day, it is about the numbers and if it makes sense to accept a short sale or to foreclose.

Moving Forward - find out who the ivnestor is on the note, ask your negotiator:
is this a gov. backed loan (fannie, Freddie, etc.)
is this a portfolio loan
is this note held by a private investor

FInd out who the investor is, and contact THEM about the non-sene you are dealing with....LOTS to go into about all this, but, try the above and report back here, or contact me directly BBenita@comcast.net.

The Servicer, who the Seller writes his/her checks to, has NO ITNEREST in getting the short sale done, much less getting it done quickly. The "Investor", group that actually put up the money for your Seller to buy the home, REALLY cares about getting it done quickly and cutting their losses.

Again, get THEM invovled, and watch how quickly your short sale gets done.

A simple e-mail to the Investor, with a "cc" to your person at Aurora and your Seller, with an e-mail subject line such as:

"________(Investor name), I have no idea why Aurora is continuing to charge you unnecessary servicing fees...."

will get this knocked out for you.



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