Has anyone ever heard or worked with this company?

I have a ss listing where the lender is Everhome Mort. It is my understanding that I am required to use this company for the short sale.

It is approx $100 to join and 1% fee.

I read that they require you to reduce your commission by 1% to pay them.

Any information would be appreciated.

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They also used the word Realtor which is trademarked and I think can only be used by someone is a member of the NAR???
Exactly.  And even then, it must be capitalized with the trademark symbol.  Everhome Mortgage and National Quicksale are BOTH from Jacksonville, FL (our area).  I would bet there is a relation, somewhere...
That is true as well.  If I had the time, I'd report them.  I showed that to our closing attorney who is also our local board attorney, and he was VERY quick to encourage action.  Its a fight I don't have time to fight, but the fact that that statement is on their site says alot about them.

I'm not sure how this is "illegal"?  If someone does not have a realtor and NQS has realtors that can help them...that is not illegal.  If NQS also has an "in-house" realty group, that is not illegal, either....


First, they say THEY can be the Realtor, they are not, nor can they be.  This says that they are a brokerage company and can be perceived as practicing real estate without a license.  They are offering to represent home buyer when as a REALTOR in a professional fiduciary relationship... Pretty cut and dry.  In addition, the term "Realtor" is a trademarked work that can only be used by members and must have the little R next to it as well (don't have a symbol option on here!).  That is also unlawful.
I had a listing with this company and i got an approval to close in 2 weeks and they reduced my commission 6 to 5% but they didn't tell me that 1% it will be using  to pay them, just to the maximum fee payee  for a real estate commission was 5% and that was a rule on his bank.
Question about this place.  I do the short sales for a real estate office and one of the Realtors has a property listed right now, but no offer yet.  It seems the bank, I believe it's Citi, has "hired" National Quick Sale.  They are harrassing the Realtor, I mean calling her every day, calling her broker, etc.  She does not want them to do the short sale for her, nor does the seller.  Can we tell Citi to tell National Quick Sale to butt the hell out or what? 
She can say, "I am not interested in your services.  I respectfully request that you stop contacting myself and my agent of choice.  If you continue to contact me, I will be forced to begin filing harassment complaints with your company and my attorney general.  Thank you."  *hang up*

I had a deal with that bank and they reduced my commission 1% but they didn't tell me that it will be to cover their services, they said because they didn't pay more tha 5% if the buyer was an investors and of course i accepted is better something than nothing and they game the the short sales approval in 2 weeks.

It was great.


You can always put the listing on MLS as 2.5%. In this case you and the buying agent is sharing the 1% (50/50)



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