Has anyone ever heard or worked with this company?

I have a ss listing where the lender is Everhome Mort. It is my understanding that I am required to use this company for the short sale.

It is approx $100 to join and 1% fee.

I read that they require you to reduce your commission by 1% to pay them.

Any information would be appreciated.

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I'm going to stay out of this, but I did run into this on another forum the other day...

I saw that too. I am a Preferred Member and recieved referral from SSSN. I am meeting the homeowner tomorrow to sign the listing agreement. Like any great agent, I did my research first. I really hope they (the lender) does not require me to use a 3rd party company.
I am told they are not calling it a commission but rather a technology fee????
As I'm sure you know, I'm not a big fan of any 3rd party negotiating short sales.
Interesting thread....
how is this different from AHMSI demanding 1% admin fee to close a short sale? Since they do not disclose the fee in the beginning, chances are it comes out of the agents commission at close.
I just got the news that NQS will be taking over for CitiMortgage on a listing I have; about three weeks AFTER a purchase offer for the property was submitted to Citi. NQS is looknig for a 1.00% fee to be paid from the brokers. In California, a listing agent cannot ask/require the Selling side to pay for any Third Party fees; which of course leaves it to me to me to reconcile with NQS.  
That's a racket!
Wow, that's something I've never heard of before...I'd be interested to hear how it goes for you.  Please keep us posted!

Sylvia, keep me up to date.  I'm taking for listing with them next week and the lender is BBandT.

Am interested in how this is working with BB&T

Here is something illegal on their website, I can tell you that much - https://www.nationalquicksale.com/RegisterBuyerUser.aspx


It says along the left column "If you do not have a realtor, National Quick Sale can be your realtor and negotiate with the lender on your behalf."


When non licensed companies deceive the public with statements like that, SCAM comes to mind immediately.  They have unfortunately managed to manipulate their way into getting a couple servicers to work with them.  Trust me, servicers are DESPERATE for solutations right now, I just wish they would pay attention to things like this.

I am doing another short sale with Everhome and they said they stopped using a 3rd party.

I think in AZ it is now illegal and if you are a 3rd party you have to have some sort of loan licensing.



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