More Than One Borrower on Loan - How Many Needed To Sign Authorization?

More than one person is on mortgage. I know that we need everyone that is on the loan to provide info etc for the short sale to take place, however, is one borrowers name and signature on the authorization enough to start communicating with the lender? 

Sara Mehrpouyan 

Los Angeles

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For some banks it may be, but I would get it as soon as possible

Depends...some lenders allow you to talk with them as long as the primary borrower has authorized it.  However, if you get an especially thorough rep, they may not.  Always better to have everyone who is a borrower sign off from the get-go.

It does depend on the bank, but I would get both of their signatures on the authorization. 

I always have everyone sign it.

Most banks require all borrowers on the loan to sign every document - including the authorization.  Due to the length of time it sometimes requires to get the documents received, reviewed and accepted into their system - I would definitely just get everyone's up-front.  In short sales... getting more will never cause a delay.   



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