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How about the South Lake Tahoe area Mike?  The response I received from your office is not understandable.

Robert, for the most part we are closed off in most of the country for new agents.  The ONLY way to get in with us in most areas is by coming to the 2013 Short Sale Symposium at Sea Cruise Conference.  Visit

I just joined and I'm reading below-I dont see any new posts???

Short Sale Lead Machine Program - This program provides agents with their very own short sale niche website, marketing program, and many resources.  They are only $1 to set up.  In addition, agents who are part of the Short Sale Lead Machine Program can get DIRECT short sale listing assignments from the Short Sale Specialist Network for a 25% referral fee.  Up until recently, Preferred Partner Membership was the way for agents to get listings directly from us, however that has changed as of 2/1/2013.  Click Here for these changes.

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I would like to join the Lead Machine but before I do I want to make sure that it is worth it to me. Are you able to tell me about how many leads come from my area. It's a small City in upstate New York.

I was a member but did not receive any referals... They said my area was full.

Can you tell me if it is still full? Temecula, Murrieta, Menifee ca.

If you were told your area was full, you were never a member.  ALL agents who get listing assignments MUST now be part of the short sale lead machine program.  Here are new membership guidelines -

Yes Mike I was a Member! You also furnished me a Website.... It took about a month to get the website up and running properly with your company. 

When my Website was completed I emailed myself to see what my leads would look like.

The werid thing is I had and agent contact me that was located in Florida to see if I needed to do a short sale.

When I asked him how he had my info, he said he had received and alert from his website with the Short Sale Specialist Network.

When I called to find out why this other agent was receiving my leads NO one could tell me why.

I was a member and I was told that my areas were full!!




Mike I wanted to let you know I have signed up again.... The agent at your company said I should receive at least 2 leads a month..... I will let you know how it goes this time! Hoping to get some great referrals from your company!





As a today i am start to be a member hopping to have referals soon.

What?? Who in the world
Did you talk to that said
Amything REMOTELY similar to that??

Said what?



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