Does anyone have any success stories of marketing to distressed homeowners?  I would like to do this as economically as possible!  Thanks for your help!

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thank you ben, exactly what i was looking for and i was going to ask about the envelopes too. As simple as a fedex, eh? 

Bandit signs do work, but as Kevin noted, almost EVERY county will call you and tell you to pull them down.

Most of the guys I know will put them up in the LATE hours on Friday nights, then pull them down after the Monday morning rush to avoid getting "yelled at" about them.

As Mike noted, Yellow Sign, black letters, a MEMORABLE phone number and/or web site work best (phone number is preferable)

Correct...almost EVERYONE will open a Fedex envelope and they are FREE from any Fedex/Kinko's store.

For marketing, whether for our ourselves or teh agents who let us process their short sales (hint hint), we order the late lists (Homeowners who are 30, 60 days late on payments and we can get them by loan balance or Servicer such as Chase, Wells Fargo, etc.

We then scrub the lists to remove any that are currently listed, then either do a 4 piece mailing (it CAN be pricey), or knock on doors (or place ads on Craigs List for people to do this).

When persons are not home, we leave them a Fedex Envelope with our letters and materials from the Treasury (also FREE) telling them about their options, guiding them to some of our preferred Bankruptcy attorneys, accountants, real estate attorneys....everyone on our team (and again we can help you get this up and going)

Anyways....could go on for PAGES about this stuff.....just a matter of DOING it!!!!

Best of luck, let me know if I can ever help -

Are you going on the cruise in April?

You can knock on the doors



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