Does anyone have any success stories of marketing to distressed homeowners?  I would like to do this as economically as possible!  Thanks for your help!

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Yes, I would use templates for Short Sale Mailouts/postcards on the preferred partners site and I am sure there would be many other people that would use them. Now that you are trying to expand the agent network, this would be a great resource for agents to have. Thanks, Mike!
I would love to see that .. I was just about to contact a Graphic Designer to design some cards for me

Yes, I would buy them. I've been trying to come up with the right wording, but it is difficult to say the right thing the distressed owner wants to hear.


Anyone Else have experience with mailing out NOD's or homeowners in hardship that they can share on here??
Not sure what you are asking?? I have some good advice on getting short sale listings, but it will only apply to those who are very knowledgeable about Foreclosure. I would also recommend that they have a network of professionals in B.K., Loan Modification, Mediation, ECT. that they trust, who they can refer to when homeowners are not necessarily interested in a short sale as their first option.

I have been very successful with my approach to marketing pre-foreclosure leads. It is a little different than what I see if any, from other agents.

I can give you more details on that if you are interested.
Thats what people are asking for. I have a very large part of our training course on it, and have already shared some here.

Whats working for you Julie. We are just talking about marketing here...
I approach it from the prospective of providing them with their options when facing foreclosure. I do not want to sell someone's home out from under them, which I believe is what they think, if they get a traditional post card that states that "I can sell your home".

Regardless of what we are trying to accomplish, the average homeowner still wants to try and keep their home first. I work with them through the process and about 80% of the time, they end up selling. It is unfortunate, but I have worked with loan modifications long enough that I know that in most cases they do not want the modification once they get it or within a few months they are calling me back to say that they want to sell, because it still doesn't work for them. Once an agent establishes themselves as an expert in foreclosure, they do not usually even consider using someone else.
Hi Julie,
If you could share with me, I'd really appreciate it.
Hi Julie,

I like your approach. What method do you use to make the initial contact with prospective clients?
Yes. Let hear it. I am always interesting in new ideals and what is working. I try to have a referral Data Base for my my clients. What is Mediation and ECT?

Julie, I'm very interested.



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