Does anyone have any success stories of marketing to distressed homeowners?  I would like to do this as economically as possible!  Thanks for your help!

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What do you mean the Bandit signs? Where? when? What is the message?
I haven't had much luck with preforeclosures. I am told, they have it taken care of and later I pass by their home and there it is vacant or on the Bank Owned list. What do you do?
Willa 909-331-6634
Great ideas! I've tried the lis pendens lists, but I'm finding most of the people I call have already disconnected their phones already. I will definitely try one or more of these ideas. Keep em coming!
We send out 500 to 700 cards every other month to folks 60 / 90 days late. We will get a huge jump on website traffic when they arrive and usually get one listing the same week. A few months later a few more will come in from the same mailing. Just like all Direct mail. Send the BIG 6/11 card and make it as professional as you can. People keep these and when the foreclosure notice come in. They look for that big card they got a few months back. Bandits sign DO work. Started my Biz off of Bandit signs.
Hey Guillermo. what did your bandit signs say? If you dont mind me asking?
Thank you
I have had some success with mailing out to those on the Sheriff's auction list. It should be posted online in your area and you can mail directly to those people whose home are on the way to auction. It basically will cost you printing and postage.
are you still doing the mailings? and how many sent out VS how many were successfull transactions
Thank you
A new non-profit corporation has been formed here in Riverside County, CA. The classes are entitled "Can I, Should I, Keep my Home?" The founder has 23 years of mortgage experience and discusses the current market, loan mods, foreclosure, and short sales. They are referred to HUD approved counselors. As an agent, you just keep in contact with them and if they decide to SS their home, you already have a relationship with them. I am sponsoring my first two classes this month and next. Busy marketing right now and anxious to see how it turns out.
Has anyone tried those pre-NOD lists?
You can use this as a springboard to generate some ideas on marketing your services to distressed home owners:

Hope this helps.
Those people are totally incompetent and dishonest. They sent me a list a week after promised and it was full of foreclosures.
Jan, I'm trying another company (I hope they will do better). I will let you know how it goes. It's so expensive!

I had the same experience as Jan with this company.  The company is below.

Jim Gaddis
Managing Partner, Homestead Data
607-725-1548  Mobile/Text
866-490-3459 Toll Free
Twitter: @shortsaledata

I paid around $200 back in 2010 and they sent me a list of like 100 supposedly 60 day and 90 day delinquent home owners.  I mailed the list and called a bunch.  Most of the phone numbers were bad and the very few who answered said they were not in default.  I was supposed to receive a 2nd batch that I had paid for, but never did.  I think this company just sells questionable data and when there are enough unhappy customers they shut down and re-form as a new entity.



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