I responded to a Counter Offer it showed it went thru and now BOA says it expired and it is closed

HELP!!   Has anyone had a problem with equator where they clicked on sumitt an counter offer or an offer it showed it went thru and now you find out that it did not and the offer has expired.    Has anyone had BOA reopen or have a phone number of someone high up in BOA that I can call that can re-open the offer.


The owner was 7 minutes late for her forclosure meeting with the judge and he sent it to foreclosure so the house is sheduled to forclose on 4/25/2012 and I still have a ready and willing buyer.


Karen Riscinto, CDPE

angie Berry Signature Realty

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Karen, have you tried going into the messaging area in Equator and pulling up an old message on that file, then sending an email to the negotiator, team lead, manager and anyone else that is listed?  That may or may not get you a response. 

YES ..  they are declining the file  and I have to resubmitt.  They said they would transfer the paperwork over. I did send an email to the negotiater and all the above.   

I just sent you a friend request.  Accept and I will respond via e-mail!


I have accepted Thanks  my email is realestateoutofthebox@gmail.com


I always follow any response through Equator by sending my assett manager a message. 

Amelia Holley


Tuscaloosa, Al.

did that as well

Karen:  Go to Twitter.com  send a message to @bof_help   they have been the best escalation channel for me with B of A.

Thank you Zhen..  I was able to escalate it up to the CEO's office and they are working on the forclosure date to get it pushed back hopefully 60 days.  I have already reopened the file uploaded all my documents except offer, pre approval and HUD -1 waiting on the task to be sent to submitt offer. 


thanks everyone for your help.  :-)





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