Has anyone been successful in postponing a foreclosure date with Fannie Mae?  Servicer is BOA and it seems they don't want to postpone the date.  I have been asking for over 30 days and now are 4 days from foreclosure date.  Any good contacts for escalating the file would help.


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The only thing I can think of at this late date would be an escalation to the Office of the President and CEO.

Email brian.t.moynihan@bankofamerica.com with the subject field entered with "Modification Assistance" in it.


Include a PDF copy of your third party authorization with the email.


Ask for someone to call you ASAP concerning this account.


The email will be forwarded to their Default Service Complaint Resolution Team. They have a required 1-2 hour response time, from the time that they receive your email.


I worked for BoA in that department for three years and am somewhat familiar with the process.


Not knowing the specifics of what's been going on, I'm afraid that I'm not going to be of much additional help.


Feel free to contact me if you want.


Reuben Dunn

Hey Reuben
I have just got a FC postponed here in Naples fl, boa is the bank. FC was Monday 26th August and hearing was On 21st! Now the bank have told me a Servicer Transfer scheduled for August 30th has been refused a postponement!! They just told me this yesterday!!
Any suggestions
The sale date is set for 28 August, and the hearing was on the 21st, but now the closing date is the 30th?

If your clients' mortgage was serviced transferred to another lender by BoA, they would have had written confirmation of the transfer well in advance of the August date. RESPA guidelines are quite strict on this.

Given the time frame of today and the sale date I think that it is too close to the date to postpone, the client would have had more than ample time to request a postponement.

If a short sale is involved, BoA would not have processed, usually, any postponement until an offer was both made and accepted by the lender. When service releases are done, unless an offer is under review for acceptance, then the client would need to contact the new servicer to see what their guidelines are I these cases.

It may be that the new servicer of the mortgage does not make allowances for postponements.

Given the time frame of the sale date, and the time that the homeowner has had to sort things out, 5-7 days prior to the sale is too late, unless they would be able to pay in full and bring the account up to date.

Have you contacted the new lender yet about this?

I wish I had better news to tell you.
Thanks, but didn't explain that this is a ss and my main complaint is lack of info from my negotiator even after persistent requests. We are ready to close!

I understand, but the point remains.


Your client was notified of the service release well before the foreclosure sale date. Unless an offer was accepted by the bank, being ready to close would not be a consideration.


If BoA accepted the offer prior to the service release, and contracts were exchanged, then you would certainly have grounds for concern.


When the file is transferred, then the new service provider would have the final say as to whether or not a short sale would be approved. Given the closeness of the sale date then the call was made to hold off on the sale.


The negotiator at BoA would not have been of any use to you as they would not be the mortgage holders, it would be the new servicer.


It's just a matter of timing unfortunately.

We, in south Florida, have better luck getting sale dates postponed through a court hearing initiated by the homeowner, as opposed to getting the bank to successfully delay the sale date.


       Fannie Mae often does not like to postpone sale dates unless it is an approved short sale. How close is this transaction to being approved? How many times has the sale date previously been postponed? If you have an offer BOA is delegated to approve on behalf of Fannie Mae then they should postpone the sale date. Are you aware of a mininum NET that Fannie Mae is looking to NET? Also, it may still be possible to have Fannie Mae look into this. It's hard to know exactly what you are up against as I am on the outside, but you need to escalate the file hard to BOA and Fannie Mae.

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me as my door is always open.




I have had tremendous luck having the homeowner contact Fannie Mae.  They respond better to them than they do the agent.  If there are no local offices.  Also, do you Twitter bofa?  The marketing team resonds within minutes of the tweet and has been most helpful to me in getting this done many times.  @bofa_help once you are on Twitter

Hi JC,

Did you have luck in getting your sale postponed?  I would appreciate any advice or help you can give!  Many Thanks,



You need to open a case at homepath, but remember many times FNMA wants an approved short sale prior to postponing a foreclosure sale date.



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