Did the tax credit pass? I havent heard anyting! Does anyone know if the Equater system is quick (B of A) We are still waiting for the signature from BOFA that they accepted the extra $$ we gave to pay off the 2nd which is BOFA wE HOPE TO CLOSE NEXT WEEK, BEEN WAITING SINCE MARCH!

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A bill just went through and passed at senate to extend the tax credit until September 30th (previously June 30th) IF and only IF the buyer had the property under contract as of April 30th. This is good for you if I remember your situation correctly. Unfortunately, for buyers that do NOT already have a property under contract it does nothing.
BOFA came back and asked us to give them $5700.00 we thought about it and had some good sound advice and we really want this house,so we didwe really dont want to start over again and go thru this and we hurried and agreed now just waiting for BOFA.do u know how long they normally see this and say ok time to close!
i know 'paitence" do u know if BOFA is pretty fast on this? I mean we accepted what they wanted u know what i mean
Also, keep in mind that the tax credit extension still has to go before the Congress and both bodies have to reconcile their individual bills in order to bring it to a vote and then hand it to the President to sign into law. Hopefully, this process won't take too long because it's a breath of fresh air for some buyers waiting to close on short sales that have been under contract since the discovery of fire :)
I agree Vanessa but i do have a question for u, if u dont mind? The seller has a 2nd loan with BOFA we agreed to pay $5700.00 more (we really want this house) been under contract since march and his first was with Wells Fargo, well anyway we are just waiting for them to see if they saw our 5700.00 and sign off, does this also have to go thru the "equater system? How long does this normally take? We are here in AZ seems like we were quick to respond to what they were asking now it takes them longer?? Im sure that the seller is also going crazy and wants to close on this as well!
I have heard the word "patience" or hang in there we are getting closer" but something like this seems like that BOFA would just want to get this off there books, u know?
I will be anxious to hear back from u on this!
I wish that I had a "golden answer" for you.....but I don't. As I've often stated, it really depends on the effectiveness and efficiency of the negotiator on the other end. Kinda like getting good customer service in a restaurant...some servers are simply better than others. I hate to sound like a broken record, but "hang in there"
I know i may sound like a broken record,i know that there has been alot on here that have seen my posts im just a buyer and just anxous to move into the house! So i guess im venting as well and sound selfish cuz i also do know that there are alot more people just like me "waiting" u sound like my realtor "hang in there" lol and we are!
We are here in az and moved here from Co Springs 6 months ago and sold our home there in 30 days after 38 showings! Market is sure diffrent here thats for sure!
We looked at other houses and believe me nothing compares to this one!
You've truly learned the meaning of "all real estate is local"!!! If you've fallen in love with your new home ( and it sounds to me like you have), then it must certainly be worth every minute of the wait! Don't worry about being selfish, either. In fact, I commend you guys for hanging in there! Just keep voicing your concerns to your Realtor and continue to let him/her work their majic and get you guys to the closing table! Congratulations on your new home!



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