We're expanding our negotiation staff and wanted to see what you guys thought or knew that worked when hiring.  I'm not talking about looking on craigslist.


Does anyone have a DISC profile for good candidates?


Pay structure, etc.


The back story:

We had a loan officer that was doing them for us and then she took another job, so my Wife stepped up and helped but now with over 50 files and her watching the kids, it's too much.  I need someone committed and am struggling with a good compensation plan as well as finding a great candidate.


Any thoughts!


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We only hire people who have mortgage processing experience

Someone who is organized and can learn your system (assuming you have one) would be key.

In CA you have to be a licensed agent in order to talk with the lender so a licensed agent struggling in this market would be a good candidate.

Knowledge of loan processing is another good trait, considering applying for a short sale is like applying for a loan and being able to read tax returns, figure debt to income, knowing which documents are needed from the Sellers, etc. is important.

A GREAT book on hiring people:

"You're Not The Person I Hired" - is a great book if you are new to dealing with employees


I run a negotiations company and we negotiate for agents all over the U.S. (quite frankly I am still SHOCKED how many agents try to tackle short sales on their own....once you get to 10 or 15, it can become a full time job in itself)


As you stated, the pay structure (varies depending on volume) and keeping negotiators motivated is the key (not to mention, negotiation sklls, being organized, using a web based tracking for case status so EVERYONE knows what is going on throughout the process, having access to key personnel at all the Servicers....and the ALWAYS AND MOST IMPORTANT...knowing how to overcome objections and issues that can AND WILL arise.....)


Hire the best, train them properly, and get your short sales done!!!


All my best to everyone on the short sale battlefields!!!


Ben Benita





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