I had the back up contract on this property about 4 months ago and I'm still waiting to but it. See my realtors message below. If I remeber right this is Chase bank and listed from a lady in Southlake, texas.


This is what I received today . . . since it has taken them so long to get their act together, they have received other offers.  They have already told another client they could have it, but they weren’t interested anymore. (I just found that out yesterday.)  It still may happen, but they are going to pursue 2 other offers and then come back to us. 


Just wanted you to know that we currently have 4 offers turned in on this one, and the bank has chosen 2 others to work with first.  They are both owner occupants, and have written better offers.  It doesn’t mean that either of them will work out, but I wanted you to be aware.  Who knows, at this point. Thanks!



My Best,



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We went over this before, don't waist your time offering on ANY short sale listing where the listing agent has no clue what they are doing.  It is a disaster waiting to happen.  Mark my word.  ANY agent who would submit more than one offer to a lender should not be working short sales.  A GOOD buyers agent experienced in short sales would have likely screened out this listing by asking the listing agent a few simple questions to determine their competency to practice short sales.  If your buyers agent didn't warn you about this listing agent, you may want to seek one that will truly represent you and your interests in the transaction.  Best of luck with your house hunt!
Thanks Mike. Im still looking for a great deal.



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