Short Sale Symposium At Sea

Have you been trying to join Preferred Partner Membership for some time to get listing assignments in a closed off area? We are MAKING room for you NOW! For any agent attending our Short Sale Symposium at Sea conference, we will GUARANTEE Preferred Partner Membership in the Short Sale Specialist Network.  This includes participating in our Guaranteed Listings Program, which guarantees regular short sale listing assignments from us.  If you are tired of spending resources going to expensive conferences with little or NOTHING to show for it, try something different! 

 ~ For ALL Preferred Partner Members who attend our cruise conference, within 90 days after the cruise, we will guarantee your first listing assignment from The Short Sale Specialist Network.  We have found that 65%-75% of agents will get their first assignment from us within a few weeks of joining.

~ If we do not meet our Guarantee, we will refund you the cost of the entire short sale symposium conference.

Anyone who has worked with us knows that our word is gold at The Short Sale Specialist Network. With other outsourcers and asset managers in attendance, agents who participate in the Short Sale Symposium at Sea are sure to get an explosion of business and wealth of invaluable information! We hope this incentive encourages your participation!
If you have questions about this event,
visit or call us at (877)737-4903

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Wow! I'm impressed by the honesty of the Mr Linkenauger! and with BACKUP to prove the point!

Hello everyone,  it is wonderful to be here.  I wanted to start my own thread but at present have't been able to do so, so once one of you help on that, I will start my own discussio.

I have never done a short sale, in my area they are unfamiliar with most agents, and they tend to shy away from them, so I think I may have the grip on a 3 county area, we'll see :)

My first question qould be the type of short sales thru BOA.  Traditional, HAFA CO-OP and BOA CO-OP.

From reading through all of their website, it seems they really want you to do a HAFA short sale.  Am I reading that right?  Why would someone want to do a Traditional SS if they are qualified for a HAFA SS?  Other than the deed in lieu of foreclosure option at the end, (where HAFA is an automatic at the end), what am I missing that people wouldn't want to do a HAFA (or even BOA) CO-OP short sale?

Thank you and I am very excited to be here.

This is off topic for this thread. You should post this in the hah group, the b of a group, or start a new discussion. Nobody will ever see it on here.


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