Just had the most unprofessional call with Green Tree Servicing.  Before I provide the details, let me just say that 99% of the time, the people I speak to on the other end of a short sale are courteous and professional.  I fully understand that I'm not their primary concern throughout the day and respect that position. 

I had followed up on a faxed package to Green Tree for a short sale.  Unfortunately, the only person you can speak with (unless you have the negotiator's direct line) is Customer Service.  The rep had first told me to wait and hear back before she even allowed me the opportunity to fully explain why I called--making sure the package was received. After I requested an answer on their process, she then placed me on hold to speak to the negotiator who said she did not want to speak to me and the fax when it shows up will be uploaded.  Again, this is the 2nd time I sent the fax so I was trying to ensure that it went through this go around. 

The rep said that they could not provide anymore information, she could not look up to see faxes going into a general fax number and that they "don't have the time to devote to each person wanting a followup". The rep then began to raise her voice saying that I was given all the information she was able to provide and to not call back -- just wait for the negotiator.  She then became belligerent when I asked her if they had time lines for followup. The answer "They'll call you back when they call you back. That they are busy."  Again, I fully respect the busy, not the raising of the voice or the do not call us because you're bothering us attitude.

Prior to the faxing, the negotiator called twice, never left a message and proceeded to contact my colleague. My colleague was told that "they did not have the time to followup with each person and that the packages should be complete when sent in.  She had hundreds of files and this was not acceptable to have to call each one that had missing information.  That she would close the file if we did not have the info to her by this coming Monday.". 

Obviously that call prompted me to followup since the original package was complete and supplemental information was sent in.  This package had been with Green Tree for close to 3 weeks and at this point, the threat of closing was inappropriate since Green Tree had been unresponsive up until now to any calls made.

At the end of the day, I completely applaud all the hard work that negotiators provide to help us resolve our short sales.  They are absolutely right when they say their workload is very high.  However, that does not excuse bad attitudes, raising of the voice  or even stating to each caller that they are TOO busy to help provide basic information.  I've rarely ran into this situation and even had closed a few with Green Tree before.  Their customer service has been extremely lacking and I do hope that GT will recognize that for agents like me, the goal is not to "bother them", not to "demand immediate response"....GT is not an entity that works towards a partnership with their real estate community like the other key players in the industry...I think they have much to learn about Customer Service.

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They are horrible, I dread having to call them. I have one with Green Tree that is a second and they are so unreasonable.

I too have had a horrible experience with GreenTree.  The representative that the homeowner had been working with was so rude that I didn't know how to handle her.  To make a long story short, she told the homeowner that she would not allow the homeowner to Short Sale. They were both unemployed and had major health issues. They were denied a modification and thats the reason they hired me to list and sell their home on a short sale.  She scared them to death and made them withdraw my listing.  She was more like a collection agency than a mortgage negotiator.  I do alot of short sales and this one was the shortest, worst one so far!! 

You had a really terrible experience. I have had some take 8-9 months but did not have to deal with terrible people on top of that. BofA seems to take the longest but they have closed for me. I think they should all stop using fax machines and get into this century. Thanks for sharing your story.



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