I just received an email from FootprintsRE.  The email address it is coming from is Banker-REO54.

Not sure if this is the same group or not, but thought I would throw this out there before anyone pays any money just in case this is the same group.  I have never heard of these folks before.

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Actually I saw the same thing as it transitions to BankersREO.com site.  Agree it's them trying to reinvent their realtor rip off game again.

Watch this video! Check out FootprintsRE. Notice any similarities between Banker REO and FootprintsRE.  Here is some evidence that agents will need to prove that the two ARE connected.  Just go to http://www.Banker-REO.com and notice where it forwards over to!

Ill get the word out about this monday. They were absolute reo before banker reo!!

I also got a bpo order from them which I completed. After 3 weeks of waiting to get paid I called and one person said It was done wrong. The other person said it was perfect but I had to wait. I got suspicious and started investigating, turns out the property was not in foreclosure. They pic random properties that are not even in default.

How they got me to pay the $350 fee? ... I said; when would they star sending orders  and they said if you log in right now you will see an order waiting for you. Then I saw the order and then I paid and signed up. I completed the order and did not hear from them for about 3 weeks. When I realized it was a scam, I posted a question on LinkedIn and I was swamped with replies form other Realtors that were scammed by them also. This has been going on for years now.... I started to forward the replies to BankerReo and then they got tired of my complaints and emails and refunded my money.... That was a learning lesson for me...We need to spread the word to stop them. This business is hard enough for us Realtors to be loosing more money.... Don't you think?

I filed a complaint on scambook.com and got a refund from Bankerreo.  It has been some time ago but it may be worth trying.  www.scambook.com.  I think there have been over 50 people who have filed a complaint here.  Can't promise they are still paying out, but check it out.

Yes! Get the word out; these guys are a scam - under any name!

I have seen these requests but have never paid.  Is there not some way to report them to the Department of Consumer Affairs for them to be monitored or shut down.  Just thinking that someone should be putting them out of business!

Just keep posting stuff like this.  When people search Google see Footprints RE, this discussion will show up and expose this kind of stuff! We should work to stop this FootprintsRE Scam, which just seems to be an offshoot of the Banker REO Scam.

Thank you for the heads up.

Another way to stop this is to go to Google A few times and just time in "FootprintsRE Scam".  If you type in that term just two or three times, "FootprintsRE Scam", after a handful of people do it then as soon as somebody starts to type in the term footprintsr...   It will have the word "SCAM" right after it in the auto complete section.  If enough of us do that, it will actually show up ABOVE regular searches.  That way, THIS article will show up at the top of search results for that term, and more agents to stop and do research will be spared from wasting their money.

For anyone bent on revenge, this tactic works well.

Hey there's many fraudulent companies- look at lead services, one I used wouldn't stop charging me after sending me year old+ leads at one time.  I had to cancel my credit card to stop the pre-authorized withdrawals.

Tips for being safe online-  research, research, research.  Use credit cards you can cancel with low limits or cards that don't charge fees if you stop putting money in them and the charges are rejected for lack of funds.  Belong to forums and post questions/info too.

Control your money or they will.  And...post when you've been wronged.  Be objective about the situation and if you don't see a lot of negative action then keep trying to get satisfaction.  Nobody's perfect.

Thanks for sharing,.  I did fall for BankerREO paid them and did 2 BPO's which I never got paid for.  Luckily  I was able to get my $349 back.



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