Good mourning everyone.  Has anyone had trouble with evalonline getting paid to do BPO's?  My Broker is owed $900 since June 2012, and I am owed for work done since August 6th 2012.

Their frontline defense of the company always tells us the file has been escalated, but nothing ever gets done.  We were toold we wouold get paid within 45 to 60 days in the beginning. Do you have any contact numbers whatsoever it would be greatly appreciated )

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I am totally surprised no one else has experienced


Good for you though that you haven't.  So let me help you good folks out by saying if you get any BPO orders from this company, don't accept them.


They will lie to you, tell you what you want to hear, but never pay you.  There are hundreds of complaints about them.  They either slow pay or no pay, but the 45 - 60 day promise to pay you after completeing the BPO is a bald face lie at least to hundreds of agents that I know of.  Protect yourself and save yourself some misery by staying away from them.


For the past while I have been a one man wrecking crew against Evalonline.  Today they announced they are shutting down, ceasing to exist.  Persistance does make a diferrence and am I presonally taking credit for the exodus :)

Anyone doing business with an unknown company should have them checkout. There has been several 100 postings on various blogs, BBB, Yelp, Small Claim Court by brokers, their own employees about not getting paid or getting paid poorly.

A letter from your legal council is probably the only way to get their attention. As for being out of business they are still there. 

No they are not.  The cease to exist according to a letter I got (and many others recieved) from their attorney.  Also on the their website they say they are out of business :)

Here is the letter I recieved yesterday...

Due to unforeseen circumstances Evaluation Solutions, ES Appraisal Services is ceasing operations. Any inquires should be directed to :
Bradley R. Markey
Stutsman Thames & Markey, P.A.
50 N. Laura Street, Suite 1600
Jacksonville, Florida 32202
(904) 358-4000
(904) 358-4001 (Facsimile)

Here is another email many of us recieved this mourning.  I know for a fact the major client that they lost was from my doing because I talked to executives from that company and told them eval solutions is not paying the hundreds :)


The following is an email that bankruptcy counsel for the company asked that we pass along:
FROM: Stutsman Thames & Markey, P.A.

Our firm has been retained to file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceeding for the company.  Evaluation Solutions lost its major client earlier this week and was forced to shut down operations.  The fact that you are receiving this email means that you are in the system and we are aware of your claim.  Once the Chapter 7 case is filed, you will receive a notice and instructions on what to do.  A Trustee will be appointed to handle the claims administration process.

The company is not able to make payments on any outstanding invoices at this point.

This is a very large case.  It will take our firm a week or two to get the necessary paperwork together.  You should be receiving notice of the bankruptcy by mid to late January.

Thank you for your patience.

Brad Markey

Bradley R. Markey
Stutsman Thames & Markey, P.A.
50 N. Laura Street, Suite 1600
Jacksonville, Florida 32202
(904) 358-4000
(904) 358-4001 (Facsimile)

Yes I have had trouble they still owe my old broker for BPO's I did since 2011. 

We received the emails yesterday. My solution was to place Mechanics Liens on the properties I've done.

It cost a little more, but I'm charging for the lien and paperwork within the lien itself. It may be years, but at least
I will be paid something.

This should be a warning signal to our industry. It's time we bond together and stop giving these company's
payment terms. I take paypal, and offer a money back guarantee. We also need to stop cutting each other's
pricing. I've seen bpo's at $20.

Twent dollars for a BPO is crazy.  I charge 75 dollars for a drive by and request 72 hour turn around time.  When eval online called they always wanted me to do them for $45 and done by 2 o'clock the next day.


Of course sometimes they would check to see if they could get it cheaper, not usually. but mostly would always come back and agree to the $75. 


I hear people say they can get them done in less than two hours.  I don't see how when you consider drive time, taking the pics, going home and uploading the pics, resizing them, downloading the MLS pics for every comp, and then filling out the long ass forms with the subject and comps info., and thats after looking up the comps which takes a little bit of time.  All in all a BPO (depending on the disatnce of the subject propererty) on average takes me 3.5 to 4 hours to complete a BPO (Exterior).

I think standardizing a price and turn around time would be wonderful.  I would say three days and $75 for exterior and $110 for interior.



I discontinued doing BPO's for Evalonline when they refused to pay me for over 120 days. They owed me just under $4k. They have a really bad reputation.

Yes I have they owe me over $300 from 2011 they send me several more to do but I refuse to do anymore until they pay me for the others.

I am also owed by Evalonline they asked me to do 10 BPO's and I never got paid, when I asked about it they would give me the run around.


What I did to get their attention initially after I heard they owed not only myself but my Broker and others as well, is I accepted six BPO's at one time (knowing I have every intention NOT to do them), and when they started calling me because the deadline was nearing, I requested an extention (again not planning on completeing them).


After time ran out on my second extention and I had their intention, thats when I started telling them 'hey you're jerking me around so I am jerking you around, and I have other agents that will be doing the same in Wisconsin).


From there. I went viral on their ass, talking to everyone from A to Z, calling up asset managers, banks that gave them work, gathered stories from other agents, and went to work to bring them dowm.


As AlPacino says...Who Ha!!!



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