DTS now handling Fannie outreach short sales - Program Info?

I received a phone call the week before Christmas from DTS telling me that they would be handling Fannie Mae's short sale outreach.  They said they had chosen only a few of the DTS agents to handle the deals.  I have received a set of leads so I called in today to see what exactly I'm supposed to offer them since there has been documentation or guidance into what exactly Fannie Mae was offering with their outreach. 

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I was told that they MIGHT qualify for up to $3000 but that was only with owner occupied properties (not vacant or tenant occupied) and IF they qualified, it would be offered like COOP with no additional incentive available at this time.  I was also told that there would be no attempt to stop the foreclosure even when enrolled in the program unless there was an offer on the propety.  In the event that they don't qualify, they will be prompted to do a "traditional" Fannie Mae short sale.  To me it still sounds like they are working otu the kinks. . .let me know if anyone else has any additional info.

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Hi Tracie


Thank you for postng valuable information.  I just join short sale specialist network.

Can you share with me how to join with DTS?


I am in California.

Can you tell me how to join DTS, I am in Northern California.

Thanks much,


Sorry for the delay!  I've been crazy busy doing business planning and haven't been on the network in a few days.  I've received 12 leads in the last 60 days.  Only one of the leads has been Fannie.  I found a lot of new forms and info in the DTS portal library, so hopefully that will help clear up any questions. . ..I am listing a Coop deal from DTS this weekend, so the Seller's are starting to get motivated again, which is good because my inventory is shot! 


For those who are asking about how to join DTS, I don't know the answer.  What I do know is that in my area (and possibly state?) RE/MAX has an affiliation with Bank of America and DTS and my broker enrolled me in the DTS outreach in the fall of 2011.



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