Does anyone have a do not disturb letter they want to share

    I've never used one but now the lenders here are out changing locks like crazy. 
Any help will be appreciated
Paul Antonelli

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I had a vendor call me last week as they indicated they had an order to change the locks and I had asked them not to and they didn't.  I asked Wells Fargo about this yesterday and they said all you had to do was call them(WF) and they would send out a key out overnight.

Seems a posting might help and it certainly would save money!  I had seen a house posted with a notice that read

"This property is owner occupied - No Tresspassing"


I would think as long as there are for sale signs that FSC's would give you the courtesy of a call and might even postpone the lock change.  They did post the house 1 week before they came back even though I had called the number and told them there was personal property and we were marketing the property.


Good Luck!





Just put the call in to get a key.  The property pres co. posts their own notices and with their phone # they will help you order it as well.  Advise the homeowner that they need to look occupied and posting should help but this does happen (those guys make money doing this so even if occupied they may change locks).  Also, here in Chicago they change 1 lock usually you can still get in thru the back while you request the key.  Have your owners give you all keys from the beginning so your showings aren't interrupted.

Even if the owner gives you a key and the bank knows that they are vacant the Property Preservation companies go and change locks and do not post who they are. This has happened to many people I know.

I think a sign posted would be a good idea - vacant or occupied. Make it colorful so that it stands out, but type the infomation - yours on white paper.

Not sure how this will fit into the box.  If you can't read it, then email me at  and I will send you a copy in Word.  I highlight the "Notice"  and "Will be charged" in Red letters.  Hope this helps!


That's great stuff

We can read the Word Document. Thanks

If a preservation company has received an order to change locks, it doesn't matter what you post on the door. Many people will post things just so the house appears occupied when it is not. They are to determine if the house is occ or vac. Typically in TX if there are personals in the property of $300 or less it is considered vacant. If the property is occ during the short sale process and the bank is aware, then they would never order a re-key. Keep in mind that the bank does order occ checks and if they find that the owner has lied stating it is occ and their inspector finds the house vacant, that will not go over well with your negotiator. The best thing to do is stay in the house or if that is not possible, make sure it is occ by personals or person. Pick up the newspapers that are all over the driveway, get the mail, keep the ext light on, cut the grass, have personal decos in the yard or on the door. If the house is obviously occ, then the inspector will move on and the rekey will not be ordered.

I hate to disagree with you Misty, but several real estate agent friends and even myself have had the bank change the locks while the owner was still living there. These houses I am speaking of were very obvious that there were people living there.

On a case like that, call the police and have them present the "proper" paperwork or get arreste!.  If we as Realtors don't stand up for the right of our clients, as well as ourselfs, then they will continue to push harder.

I give the agents I negotiate for a letter very similar to the one Woody posted below......being certain to put in my contact info. as well as that of the listing agent should they have any questions.

Have not had any issues to date since using the letter (most foreclosure companies will call us if they are asked to re-key b/c of the letter.....VERY effective)!!!!

Best of luck with your short sales!!!!



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