The other day I was on the phone with a lady from a servicing company regarding a possible short sale for a SSSN referred client. Let's just call them Remington, for the story.

At first the loan servicing company representative refused to accept a digitally signed authorization form, which caused a delay of a few days. After the authorization process was completed I called in to get the full information. What I was told was that there foreclosure sale scheduled a few weeks from that date, and that the company would under no circumstances stop or delay the foreclosure. She exclaimed that if I presented an offer by next week, they might, perhaps, maybe, look at it. 

The rep spoke with such contempt for the borrower and even towards me. She indicated the owner had a full year to bring in an offer, and that there were multiple calls to the servicer but no concrete offer, as if that was the borrower's fault. Her contempt even spilled towards me as I was trying to get the related information. She hinted that "someone was not doing their job", even though I had nothing to do with this case to that point. She even attempted to put me down implying that I was soliciting the borrower out of greed. I just could not believe my ears, though I remained professional and courteous at all times.

I am sure my story is not news to many, as I have no doubt others have encountered such attitudes, and behavior, by some people in these position of power over others.

I think this warrants a full discussion about dealing with such situations, where there is really no one to talk with. I wish we could collaboratively put together some guides and perhaps contacts at lenders, that we could turn to when the servicers abuse their powers.

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Well, you were speaking with one person at the servicer.  I have run into that and I simply stop the conversation and joke around with them.  If that doesn't work I say, "I see you're having a really bad day.  How about transferring me to your supervisor where I can get the information I need to help this borrower?"

I have had to deal with a few people like this and really...when I kill them with kindness, they usually relax/calm down and help me (and some of my bestests contacts have come from people I had to calm down a bit).  Otherwise, I'm not afraid to sit on the phone getting transferred around until I get someone who gives a darn and will help me.

When dealing with people like this where you are getting abused and getting nowhere. Simply kindly to them and say "thank you so much for you help"   "I see"  "hmmm" "well, let me get back to you" and hang up.

Call and call again. Most of the time, just getting a different person on the phone...changes the WHOLE BALL GAME.

ALWAYS!!!!  try it

I agree...try to get another person. Also, most of the banks will not accept digital signatures and while we use them in a regular transaction we never use them in a short sale transaction. Banks have a box and if you and your deal don't fit into it neatly then it makes them less likely to give you and your deal the attention it deserves. It sounds like right out of the gate you didn't fit their box by not having written signatures. It is sad but the negotiators are working on a lot of files and they tend to say "Next" if they come accross something that is incomplete or non-compliant. Sometimes they also just have bad days like you and me and we get the brunt end of the stick. Good luck on your file and keep your chin up. Tomorrow is always bound to bring better luck.




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