Just wanted to ask anybody that has the CDPE certification, does that come to play when you deal with short sales, so when you tell your negotiator that you are CDPE certified would they make it any easier for you?

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We have a groups on here for CDPE's that you can ask stuff on as well.


Negotiators don't care, as long as the agent knows what they are doing.  In society, for the most part designations impress nobody but the agents who seem to collect them.  Quiet frankly, the best short sale agents with the most experience will tell you that all designations are NOTHING compared to actual experience.  A CDPE who has never closed a short sale is unethical for representing themselves as a "distressed property expert" to consumers, and most new ones have absolutely no clue what they are doing when compared to a "non designated" agent who has closed a few dozen or more.  Maybe after taking the class they can have the minimum confidence needed to actually attempt short sales, but designations don't get the attention of negotiators and certainly don't give them any confidence in an agents ability to better fax in the needed documents and follow instructions in my opinion.


When agents say that they are a CDPE, negotiators are probably smirking and telling their co-workers "oh, we have another "expert" here".  That is what our brokerage does to some degree, as we have had many agents say that they are CDPE's who have no REAL experience with short sales and really have no clue what they are doing.  Like saying they took a weekend class to jump on the bandwagon with something productive agents were doing years ago impresses a company that has closed thousands.   I will never forget last year when a CDPE called my office and said "so how do I write an offer on a short sale listing".  True story.  Just my two cents for what its worth.

I totally agree with Mike.  Do you think you can become an expert by just taking an 8 hour class?  CDPE  is NAR tries to get more money from you.  It is a one day class and it costs you $600.00 



If you tell your client you are CDPE they won't have no clue what CDPE is.   They don't care what designation you have.  They care if you can deliver what you promise them and have the knowledge.


I am upset Chase requires an agent has to have the CDPE designation in order to handle a short sale transactions. 

I'm kind of upset about that with Chase as well Kendra, thats why I may have been pretty harsh with my response.  My understanding now is that Chase does not require CDPE, but they just put that on there as a suggestion for that particular program.  Unfortunately, many home owners interpret it as mandatory.  What is CRAZY about those letters is that chase put the sentence in "these agents have experience in working with mortgage companies for home sales", which is actually the OPPOSITE of the truth.  The reality is, MOST of the agents who took the CDPE designation have absolutely ZERO experience in working with short sales, and were the last ones to jump on the short sale bandwagon and wanted to try to get some kind of training.  The fact that they completed a training class does NOT mean that they have "experience in working with mortgage companies in home sales".  Flat out lie, and opposite to reality, as most of the agents with experience have been doing short sales for years before the designation.


As somebody who has assigned literally tens of thousands of short sale listings out, I would without a doubt rather assign a listing to an agent who has actually closed 5-10 or more than somebody clouting that they are a "distressed property expert".  Frankly, I LOOSE confidence in agents who think that designation or any designation should give them ANY special treatment or credibility.


This is the reason we don't require anybody to take our training.


Experience isn't important, its everything.

Thanks for the reply and I totally agree, I just talked to one of their Customer Reps that deal with CDPE certification to ask for the price it cost to be certified, and when he said $ 600 I was shocked and I said why don't you guys use your training to speed up the process of short sales,  instead of training me what I learned from experience.  I'm amazed how they come up with more ways to get more money, but not to help us get the short sales done within a timeline so we can tell our seller's & buyer's an estimated time that will take them to review and approve. 



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