Carrington Mortgage APPROVES short sale in 48 hours and postpones trustee sale! AWESOME!

Just wanted to let everyone know ....sometimes miracles DO happen! And get your thoughts on dealing with Carrington Mortgage Services LLC out of Santa Ana, CA. 

I had a short sale where 1st and 2nd was with Citimortgage...and right before approval we were told Citi was selling off the file to Carrington and everything stopped. Told July 3rd, 2012...Citi stopping everything on file due to Carrington takeover of the loan on July 21st, 2012. The second I found out...I contacted Carrington and sent them entire ss package. Only problem? They couldn't do ANYTHING until their welcome letter was received by seller with CARRINGTON's loan #. Seller receives letter July 14th, 2012.

Oh and once Citi notified us they were SELLING LOAN TO CARRINGTON in 3 wks? 4 days AFTER Carrington was to receive the loan legally?July 21st... they put a trustee sale on the file(July 25th) giving me 4 days with the new servicer to legally take over file AND POSTPONE TRUSTEE SALE!!!

Talk about jumping thru hoops!  Well I stayed on it..and second the letter came thru with Carrington's loan number on it...I sent it to them July 16th, 2012. Again they could NOT LEGALLY DO anything until they were the LEGAL SERVICER OF THE LOAN.. July 21st...which just happened to be a SAT...get it??? Then July 22nd was a sunday...get it? THEN July 23rd was a monday! On that monday...I was all over the phones...until a high up supervisor came on tues July 24th in am...told me to get him the HUD...and a better offer from buyer...and he would see what he could do. I got them what they needed in 30 minutes and head supervisor told me ...he postponed trustee sale til 9-24-2012 and we got our approval...and this was STILL a great price for buyer and a great price for Carrington based on property condition, etc. They gave us approval letter good til 9/6/2012 and we get everything done by today August. 27th..ahead of schedule.

I had some super high ups at Citi help me with the 2nd lien holder, which was charged off to a collection co that was pulling dirty tricks. Citi helped ME OUT and straightened them out. Staying aggressive and not backing down and going up the corporate ladder at both me extraordinary service from both servicers... As far as I'm concerned Carrington Mortage rocks!!!

So does Citi...they didn't HAVE to help and THEY DID!!!  Your experiences...... thoughts...etc.. 

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I have not dealt with Carrington as of yet but congrats - the quickest approval I have had so far from any of the lenders was 20 days so 48 hours is simply amazing!

That is fantastic!



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