Would the bank allow the Seller to pay additional commission on top of what the bank is already paying?  Some price points are very low and makes no sense working on this deals, but the homeowner still needs the help.  Any ideas?

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No No No.  You can however put a flat rate commissoin request into the selling bank.  I put in a flat rate based on the average median home value...here in Phoenix that's approx $150,000.  if the bank gets their net they are fine with paying a commission.  If you can't help a person with a $30,000 sale then pass on the job and let someone else have them.  Just remember who you help today will still need another place later one.  I have help people shortsale their home, get them a rental, and then 2-3yrs later we are now looking at another home purchase.  Its gonna come back to you if you are deligant. 

Jose,Jose, Jose...

I understand wanting to get paid what you are worth but remember my friend this is a SS, by nature the HO is distressed and not able to pay His closing costs. The negoiator wants the max for thier noteholder and if the Homeowner is able to pay you additional commission then the servicer most likely will inform you if the seller has extra money then they can pay toward the default amount on the loan or better yet they can pay their own closing costs.

To me that would be a RED flag that would keep your SS from being successful.

Seller and/or buyer can contribute to commissions. It doesn't even have to be on the HUD. A buyer broker agreement for services performed is all needed.

You basically have 3 ways to do this:

1. have seller pay your brokerage directly

2. lower to co-op to the buyer's broker. Maybe make it a dollar and have the buyer sign a buyer broker agreement to compensate the buyer's broker.

3. Have the buyer pay listing broker for any loss of commissions due to listing broker in which seller is unable to pay. So if you had a 10% listing contract and the bank approved 6%, then you can have the buyer pay the listing broker the additional 4%.



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