Yes its me again................ lol ok our realtor contacted us nite before last (28th) in the evening and she said that she heard from the sellers agent and he told her   the “negotiator from Bank of America called today and said we’d have the “Full Approval Letter within 5 days”.  I will call you and e-mail it to you as soon as I receive it.


Is Bank of america quick on this i mean when they say we should recieve this letter within 5 days??


Now this house is scheduled to go into florcloser i believe  on the 8th, the banks should know now not to go thru this ( i would hope not)


I just hope we recieve this letter and go and close and move in and live happly after.


If anyone knows about these approval letter and the 5 day issue please let me know

It should say how we gave more money shouldnt it??


Thanks to hope from someone soon on this



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You should hopefully be OK. Are you ready to go quickly as far as financing goes?
Yes Mike everything is ready to go have homeowners insurance ect our loan officer is just waitng for the call and i think if i understand correctly our realtor will forward to him the "approval letter" from BOFA (again this was the sellers 2nd with BOFA but our realtor will forward to our loan officer and then he will contact the title company and hopefully close quickly? I just found out that the banks are closed Monday due to the holiday, go figure lol my luck, i hope and pray that the letter will come in on Friday, that would make it a nice weekend for sure :)
Is this the process though what i stated above? I just hope that the listing agent is commucating with the bank and its not on the "forclouser list"!
Hope to hear back from u or anyone on my posts!
I agree with Mike...It appears that you're about to "coast on home, now". Congratulations!
Thanks Vanessa
Ive read so many diffrent things been so overwhelmed, i just hope that the listing agent contacts someone to say no dont forclose on this, what a mess that would be!!Schdule to go to forcloser on the 8th, we were told from our realtor that this approval came in nite before last the 28th
Vanessa do u know if BOFA is pretty quick or the negotiator he supposely called the sellers agent and said the letter will be within 5 days. My understanding is that the negotiator never calls, but do they call about something like t his the approval letter.
I've had negotiators call me before, so that's not too unusual. Normally, the approval letters are emailed to the listing agent and/or the closing agent.
Bank of America, is as difficult to work with as they come. I'm currently working on 7 short sale, with 7 differnet negiotators. Clsed 2 after much persistence and complaining. Currently, one of my listings is being countered again. The first buyer walked, procurred a second and the bank is countering again. Home is located in an area of all new homes and a large number of foreclosures. A similar short sale 2 homes down sold for 99k, bofa is countering this second buyer 113k. I've sent in comps and recent sales but these people sit in ivory towers making unrealistic decisions. Second case is similar, offer of 140k, higher than foreclosure sales and the bank is asking for seller pay stubs even though sellers sent letters showing they don't work. Somebody needs to teach these people to read. Frankly, I destest this Bank.
They were when I worked with them...they told me I'd have the approval letter within 5 days and actually received it the same day the BoA emailed me to let me know.
Was it a short sale?? How long ago was this for u, when they sent that to u about the "within 5 days!



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