I have an attorney contact who is looking for someone higher up in the BOA organization that may be able to help. 
" It seems BOA first said our client could pay the mortgage payments of the deceased home owner (as PR and devisee of the house by Will) and BOA also said he could assume the loan - Now after 6 months of making mortgage payments, BOA now says it's calling the loan and will be filing foreclosure proceedings!  Any help you can give us with a contact would be super!  Thank you. "
Any help would be great...thank you.  Jason Halliday-colorado 303.931.2766 Jasonhalliday@remax.net

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i had a similar situation with a local bank here in cleveland. of course this bank is totally different as it is none as the lender with the best customer service in the region. i had my client write a letter cc'ing it to the local city council, the editor of the local papers, and as many executives as she could find contact information for. she basically said that shame on your for doing this. my dad was a 30 year client of yours. i am making the payments while I sell this. you are blighting the comunity. your are not serving your investors. please consider stopping this.

she got a call back the next day from a vp and stopped foreclosure. 3 months later she has it sold for a profit.
Scary stuff! One of my best friends passed away a few months ago and oddly enough, Bank of America told his fiance the same thing!! I'll have to let her know about this stuff.

If you haven't found anybody, shoot me an email, I have a couple I can email out to you but would prefer not to post them in a public forum. mlinkenauger@yahoo.com



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