BEWARE BANKERREO INC. SCAM...SCAM...SCAM...Just another division of ABSREO(Absolute REO)

HI folks! I really wanted to get this out there to everyone on this site. If it helps just one agent, then I've accomplished my goal. Please, Please, Please...RUN and I DO MEAN RUN...if these people approach you.

I got a call the other day from a fellow named David Martin..saying that this company handles REO listings and that they had a listing to give away urgently in my zip code. That it urgently needed a BPO done, and  the asset manager wanted to get it listed right away.

I knew that besides winning the CA lottery, the odds of ANY asset management co(that I had NEVER heard of) calling ME out of the blue and telling me they urgently needed a BPO and a property listed "that JUST so happened to be in my zip code," was like ME winning the CA lottery. Yeah, right!!!

So I listen to his spiel for a few minutes and he goes on to say, he is in Glenview, IL(which is a suburb of Chicago)...and they are a new asset management co. giving out BPO assignments and listings. And lo and behold, if I just sign the "master agreement...and PAY....GET THIS>>>that if I PAY...YES PAY $349.00, then I will be getting BPO's and listing assignements right away.

People...the old adage holds true here...If it SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE>>>THEN IT IS

to good to be TRUE. PERIOD! 

My "RED FLAGS" went up, because like a DUMB ASS, LAST year I had gotten this same spiel from a company called ABSOLUTE REO...aka  ABSREO ....also out of Chicago....saying the SAME thing!

And LIKE A DUMB ASS...even though I KNEW better...I paid the $349.00.  I got 1 BPO on some property, turned in the best BPO u can imagine and DID get paid..and NEVER heard another thing.  So I really, in essence, paid myself..duh.  They did a huge blast out here in CA and got tons of title people, escrow officers, and other agents to sign up. So imagine how much money these goons made NATIONWIDE>

Now that the HEAT is on, and I expect it IS!!! They need to form a NEW company to sucker in those they didn't get before and HECK those that they DID.

I researched it and yep, some of their key players are involved in both companies.

Once I sent a nasty email to them telling them that THIS WILL NOT be for me and that they are cleverly disguising themselves as a different offshoot from ABSREO, they sent an email to me (which you can tell is a generic email they send to those of us who are smarter than them or turn them down)...saying that this would not be a good fit for them and that the agent has been declined.


These people need to be shut down ASAP. Please contact the Illinois office of the ATTORNEY GENERAL for Consumer FRAUD DIVISION>  This division does NOT put up with this BULL and WILL go after them.

Also, since they are operating NATIONWIDE....the Attorney's office for Consumer Fraud in washington DC will handle this also, since this is a national problem.

Every single person I ran into or spoke with nationwide has NEVER gotten ANY LISTINGS From these guys. PLEASE SHUT THEM DOWN and keep your wallets closed!


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Thank you so much Sheyenne.  I got a call today from Bankerreo in Illinois saying they needed me to do a BPO and then take a listing ASAP.  For $349, that is......    Whew!



oh my! Are they still around???  Not good.  Thanks for getting the word out on this.

Thanks for the heads up!! They called me today 9/11/12 and after a bit of research I came across this post!! It sounded to good to be true. Thanks again for taking the time to post your comments. 

They called me last week and I declined them also.  I think it is really crazy how they send you a declination letter.  Seriously?

Wow! A year later and I'm thanking you. I rec'd the call today from BankerREO. I always go to the internet 1st thing when I get a call and low and behold...there you were. Thanks so much for posting this!! Something should be done about these fraud adept companies.

Again Thanks and Happy Real Estate in 2012!!

Wow!, I almost signed up last week but something told me is too good to be true, so I went online and read all the reviews and yes, you are absolutely right....I RUN. They continue emailing me several times a day.

and add FootprintsRE Scamming under a new name!

BEWARE! Many are claiming that Banker REO has reformed as FootprintsRE and are doing the same thing as before! Check these two forum discussions out -





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