BEWARE - Bank of America "Contracted Negotiators"


AS a fully approved Buyer waits patiently for over a month for an answer, and  several "Accepted" counter offers adjusted "IN Reverse" from the inept "Contract Negotiator" (who is no longer with Bank of America) I requested a postponement due to the negotiators inability to comprehend a HUD I estimate.

Belinda Robbings ( B of a Tower in Jacksonvillie, Fla.)  sent me an email that their will be NO postponement.

Congrats to  B of A   on this "Double Header" they put 2 families (owner occupied 2 on a lot) out on the street with one Trustee Sale.  B of A gets 2 for ONE . . . hooray for them!


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Was this a Fannie Mae file?  If so, then BofA wouldn't be able to stop the sale, anyways, as FNMA no longer postpones their foreclosures.
No "trustee corps" Irvine. FHLMC  designated council . . .
A sale is a last resort after the SELLER has not made their mortgage payments for quite sometime.  How much was the seller contributing to the deal in the form of cash.  The victim is you, as you won't get a commission for selling this one.  If you sold it or the bank did, seller was leaving.
Do you have an online identity? I respond to "Credible" inquiries only.

Interesting.  There is someone on THIS site with the ID BofA negotiator who is from, guess where?? Jacksonville!!  I noticed because we are headquartered out of Jacksonville, FL, and I never new Bank of America had a short sale department in our area.


Sorry to hear about this.  Have you tried going over her head yet?

They do...I just closed one with Marva Fitzpatrick and she was out of Jacksonville...Shouts out to Marva!!!




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