Bank of America wants SS card and Birth certificate of buyer

I have a short sale right now that is being bought by 2 investors. They have asked for so many crazy things but we have complied through the whole thing. We have completed all negotiations and according to the negotiator, the file is at the investor and they are asking for crazy things like, yesterday they wanted a list of all people associated with one of the investors corporations. Not so bad, we complied. Today, under threat of declining the file, they asked for the SS#/EIN # and date of birth for the other investor LLC. I got the information using the date of birth of the signer for the LLC. I just received a reply asking that the information be in the form of written documents. I asked if that meant that they wanted the SS card and Birth Certificate of the buyer??? Has anyone ever heard of this sort of crazy thing??? Any ideas of how I can get them this information "in written form without making the buyer give us his birth certificate and sscard? 

I am just dumb founded by this one.

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I'm not exactly sure what you've provided them, but typically we would provide the lender with an articles of incorporation with the members list for the LLC reflecting the buyer's name. Is that what you provided?

All Articles including names etc were given at the beginning...this is all above and beyond that information. I do not know what the heck is going on with these guys right now. What I did do to answer their request yesterday was to record the information on a separate sheet and have the LLC signer sign it. I am hoping that settles the issue for them because I am not going to start giving ss cards and birth certificates out in order to get an approval from a bank on a short sale. 

I think that the banks sometimes exceed their authority in the transaction because they know that we can not sell these properties without the agreement with them to sell for less than seller owes.

Who's the lender? Have you been able to speak to any managers at the lender about this? We would be escalating the file so hard right now that the negotiator would wish they never asked for the SS/EIN of the buyer.

BofA is the bank and not yet because the negotiator keeps telling me that the file is at the investor and they are the ones asking for these things. I kinda think that it is actually in QC and they are the ones being so crazy but not sure. I am hoping that what I sent to them will be enough to close this. I sent a separate document with the date and  information on it and his signature at the bottom. We will see.

Do you think that elevating this would help at this point? I have never had to go further than the negotiator for the last 5 years that I have been completing these. This is uncharted territory for me.

If FHA - Call HUD's National Servicing Center Hotline at 877-622-8525 to get help if they continue to insist for the actual cards.  You will need the FHA Case Number and can get this from BOA Customer Service (not SS Dept).  This route is also extremely helpful when you have an unresponsive Negotiator assigned to an FHA file who is causing delays.

Are you sure you are not just seeing a message in Equator askign for SS # and Birthdate?  if that is so then put in 123 45 6789 for SS# and todays date for birthdate.   That comes up in Equator and really doesn't want the information.  You just need to do something to complete the space to be able to go on to the other info they need. Call me if you need help 301-570-9300

I wish it was that easy. No, the request came from the negotiator. Thank you for offering to help with this.  I did resolve issue but not in a way that I would think BofA has a right to ask for.

Not that this is a solution, but the reason they ask for all this is to ensure that this is an arm's length transaction and that seller has no ties to purchaser.    And I agree with another response, I doubt they want copies of birth certificates and SS cards, rather some signed doc from seller(s) stating this information.   

That is what we did. I had him document the information, sign it and uploaded that. they seem to be fine with it that way so far.

BOA seems to be taking more steps to slow the short sales especially FHA by asking for additional documents just when they are going to submit the file to the investor.  Then they ask for more documents - one by one and before you know it another month has gone by without submittion. 

I would escalate to negotiator's supervisor and if that does not provide any action the Twitter team.  I have had negotiator's demand the buyer's GFE for the buyer's closing credit on an FHA file.  I told her that the purchase contract specifies that they are putting oly 3.5% down so all we need to do is the math - Purchase price - 3.5% down payment= loan amount - 1% of loan amount is the FHA buyer's closing credit.  Since we don't represent the buyer we don't have access to the GFE and its not needed.  I told them I would check with HUD's National Valuation Center to see if HUD required this and the request went away.


I believe some negotiators are using their "power" to ask for things that are not necessary to get the file approved or through their internal underwriting.  Maybe they get penalized internally if the file does not pass underwriting and they are just CTA.


Good luck!

I totally agree with you on this. Although this is not an FHA loan, that is exactly what they have been request after another but always one at a time....delay,delay,delay....I wonder if it has anything to do with keeping their percentages in line...I don't know but I sure don't like it... I have been doing these since 2007 and I have never seen these sort of things come up.... its just crazy...

BoA seems like they are getting more picky as we go along with these. I would definitely go higher up if possible and let them know about this. I had a deal go sour because of BoA and they sent me a request for information on how the short sale went. I went into detail about how I thought they were making the process more difficult. Buyer agents in my location won't even write short sales up if they find out they are BoA short sales.



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