Does anyone have a list of items that BOA will pay for and thus can be added to the HUD-1 settlement statement?  The most recent short sale that I am working on, I received a call from the negotiator who said they did not pay for the abstract and survey to be updated (though our contracts explicitly state the sellers responsibility) no dye test or septic pump, no wire fees or over-night I asked what do you pay for and I was told the list was only available to the negotiators. Oh the Joys!  Thanks

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Great questions.  I put as much on there within reason.  Since each investor has different guidelines you never know.  It's always best.  Make sure it's OK with your clients.  I just had a building report, retrofit, HOA transfer, and termite paid.  I rarely get those items paid.  I still put it on the HUD anyway.  Oh Joy!!   :) Kristine
I wish there was a specific list.  Would be nice to have that up here on our site.  I think things vary from investor to investor, and Bank of America really has no say in some things.  We always overestimate things like HOA dues and pad the HUD a bit.  Good idea to also have a buyer who can contribute a bit extra if the situation requires.
just submit everything that is custom in your market and let the bank tell you what they won't pay.  then you will know.  like Mike said...........every investor is different and you may be able to get away with something that another couldn't.  Not two short sales are alike I can tell you that.  :)
I agree..put the expected seller costs on the HUD and estimate high. But don't pad to much because the extra will go to the lender if you do not use it.
Just put as much on the HUD as you can, it gives yu wigglke room when the investor comes back to you.  some investors will pay certain things and others will not



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