Bank of America is intentionally declining FHA files ready for approval and forcing restart in Equator!!

I have three Bank of America FHA files that were all "awaiting management review" and ready for issuance of an approval letter that have mysteriously all been closed/declined/transferred and are now being restarted - yes RESTARTED - in Equator.

1 - Had the ATP since April of 2012.  Yes!  April 2012!!!!  Buyer intact the entire time.  HUD escalation in place - even HUD doesn't even care any more.  The BofA escalation contact personally declined the file with NO NOTICE on 8/8 because she was looking at the WRONG CONTRACT.  Then forced restart in Equator.  Six weeks later we are FINALLY back to "upload offer" stage. . . RIDICULOUS!

2 - Had the ATP and offer since March.  Offer at 126% of ATP value. HUD escalation in place and simply doesn't care any more.  A doc request with less than a 24 hour deadline was issued.  Buyer's Agent was out of town.  No extension granted.  File declined.  Must restart in Equator.

3 - Just today.  On August 8th from BofA "Just wanted to follow up with you and let you know that everything looks good on the file. Ill will do my final review of the file soon before it goes to management for their review. Once mangment approves of the file I will submit the file to QA for the final audit.".  This AM I got an accept/reject assignment in Equator for the file.  Inquired to my level two negotiator who sent the previous email.  His response "Good Morning Tracie, Due to my new role at the bank all files that were assigned to me were assigned to equator. You will need to work the file through Equator with the new associate who is processing the short sale.". . . So he gets a new job and we have to start ALL OVER AGAIN in Equator!

I'm literally to the point of rejecting BofA FHA listings.  Not worth the time or energy any more.  

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I had a similar problem last year with BofA on a HAFA short sale.

The negotiator was a nightmare: didn't return calls or emails. After months of complaining, the negotiator was replaced by one from a different servicer but not before a mysterious "someone" canceled the listing in Equator and I had to start from scratch. I believe it took about a month before the file was restarted in Equator. Thankfully, the new negotiator was attentive and I got the property sold without too many more difficulties.

If anybody thinks that BofA is just incompetent and that what Tracie, I and others have experienced is not intention, well, they are wrong.

Email me and I'll get you the help you need



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