Bank of America declines short sale for MISSING A MIDDLE INITIAL on one document!

I remember the when the QC folks in India would get "decline trigger happy" a few months back.

Now, some of the negotiators in-house are taking it to another level.

After neededing an escalation to move a stuck file, the negotiator, James Young out of the Delaware location came back with a number of corrections. After the corrections were made, he asked for a 2nd set of corrections -- some of them new, some of them redundant with some document that were already changed.

I sent him a quick note telling him it would've been more efficient if we did ONE round of corrections.

I guess this angered him and he found something to knitpick at so he can reject the file. He sent in a message: "The file has been declined because the seller's middle initial is missing on the Agent Certification header."

No request to have it fixed. Just declined. Now, I have to start over from scratch after waiting more than 2 months.

Any suggestions where to report this unprofessional conduct by the negotiator? 

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I've met the Assistant Vice President of the External Engagement team,  which basically means she's in charge of training for BOA and agents. She goes all over the country training. I've been in her classes. Let me tell you. Her policy is, if it doesn't match on each and every page each and every time. It goes back. She give the power to her negioators to pull the plug anytime.  She has been with BOA for over 14 years in REO, short sales, DIL,  She will tell you that by not making sure everything is the way it is supposed to be the first time, you are wasting everyone's time.  But BOA isn't the only one. If you sell a Fannie or Freddie REO theirs are just as specific. You can't even put (a married couple) or (single woman) on the contract..


Last week I had to send back a contrac to a buyers agent 6 times because she didn't follow directions about various things. Sometimes, we are all just in a rush, and we all know stuff just happens.


I've met her as well. She shares some good information.

While I can understand how investors can point fingers at the servicer, here's the problem:

In the case of name changes, middle initials and suffixes, it's a "catch 22." The correct procedure at Bank of America (that representatives won't tell you) is to change their name through the Simple Assumptions Department. You'll need (3) items: 1) a letter fromt the homeowner requesting a name change, 2) a copy of the homeowner's insurance policy with homeowners name on it, 3) name change document (i.e. marraige certificate). If you could imagine, homeowners do NOT have their names changed on everything: their banks, taxes, employers on paystubs, etc.

In other words, having "JR." may appear on the homeowner's tax return, but it doesn't show on the utility bill, bank statement, and so forth.

I tried a notarized affidavit one time stating, "James Smith is also known as James Smith Jr." and it got rejected.

This is documentation auditing at it's finest, isn't it? ;-)

It makes sense, but I have gone months w/o the name getting changed. Mine was an estate - maybe that detail has something to do with it. (BofA unable to label the file an estate when the guy had been dead for 2 years - wouldn't want to rush into anything..)

I've had BofA/FHA demand a notarized name affidavit - AKA list. Maybe the rest of BofA found this too easy for the agent to accomplish.. It seems like the most efficient way to get around the issue. I am James Smith, Jim Smith, Jim Smith, JR, etc. But, just because that is good enough for HUD/FHA, that doesn't mean that it is good enough for the pinhead in the cubicle in the bowels of BofA, right? ;-)

I know that BofA FHA is really tough to get anything through.  I had a decline because client didn't make payment for a year...No if's ands or buts.  However the investor is HUD so I contacted HUD myself since negotiator wouldn't try and appeal.  I got a sale date postponed through HUD so negotiator is now wanting her score to be 100% on the file...everything is dotted and t'd.  Don't give up is my point keep going higher.


I would suggest that you twitter about it - seems to get great results

yeh, I got caught in the decline happy party! We had completed our negotiations, negotiator ready to send in for approval and bam, file was declined with "agent not meeting deadline". Obviously we had completed all that needed to be completed.. WE WERE DONE!!! I lost my mind, yelling at the computer for a while and then, I just started re uploading the file. I did contact the negotiator in my normal annoying way with these guys and I did get the file moved forward very quickly by whatever magic he had to do that. We are getting our approval letter now...I would elevate again and ask them to move forward for you when you re submit file. IT cut out about 2 weeks on ours.

Nice to see successes in the BofA forest of Deny!

I think you gave him too much to recheck.  He does have other files to look at beside your's.   The guy is doing his job.   I think it was nice of him to inform you what was wrong.  He could of just deline it completely. 


....  That reminds me, in my office we have to check most contracts that come through the office before we have them uploaded in Equator.  The banks gave us strict instructions what needs to be done.  A lot of times we have to send the contract back to the buyer's  agent for corrections.  Or ask for additional documents which we did not get.  .... Some Realtors just don't read for some reason.  .... In today's market, REO and short sales have a process.  You can not think like a traditional agent or get upset if a contract got returned for corrections.

As for the missing middle name, in California we were trained to match every name per identification given at escrow.  No company want to get involved in a lawsuit down the road.


Which office location do you work at? AZ, DE, or FL?

call the department of banking in the particular state and file acomplain. The banks are suppose to be cooperating in the short sales.



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