Ok so the problem I am having and its funny that I have delt with Aurora on numerous occasions, for some odd reason, I submitted an offer 8 months ago, the very first offer.  It took them 60 days for review and after 60 days, they denied the offer because it was a low offer.  I thought that was to be expected, but now I am working on offer number 4 and the same buyer.  Why dont they counter or tell me what they are wanting the offer close too?  On the other hand I just closed a shortsale with Aurora, different loan account of course.  Everything on that one ran differently and smoother.  They countered and everything closed with the help of a very close contact of mine at Aurora.  So what is the deal?  I have tried escalations, homeowner even called and spoke to upper management and said if they could get an offer in at $70,000, then as soon as it were scanned in, that it would not take 60 days for a review and would start working on the approval letter to send out, but because it was not notated, there is no leg to stand on and you guessed it, they need 60 days to review.  They will also be doing another value for the 4th time.  HELP!!!!  What can I do?  Any advice would help.

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Just went through that also. They just flat out said "no", then threw out the file!!! Buyer was willing to come up on his offer, but we had to start all over from scratch with a new offer. What are they thinking....
Because to save a buck, ALS has some $8/hr flunkie do a "desktop BPO" when the file is submitted. In other words, some kid gets on Zillow and determines what the property is worth, and then if your offer doesn't equal or exceed that offer, they say no. Brilliant.
Aurora is my worst nightmare, and my team and I have dealt with just about every bank/servicer out there. Got an offer, waited 60 days for ANY response other than a desk jockey/receptionist. 6 months later 4 offers had come and gone, tired of waiting. The seller is in the military and will lose his security clearance if he gets foreclosed on. On the very last offer we waited 3 months (after escalating and actually speaking with a negotiator) and were told the offer was too low ....The offer was right in line with both BPOs.......(this after Aurora kicked it over to their MI, where they will probably make more $$ than if they okayed the short sale). We are letting the listing expire while the seller speaks with an attorney and tries to keep his job. We will not work with Aurora again.
I agree with you. Aurora has been a total nightmare. Buyers keep leaving because of the length of time on getting a short sale approved. Every time I send them a new contract the process starts all over. I sent a contract in to Aurora on January and their response was "The file will be reviewed in June". What???? So I waited about 30 days and called them. I was told if I called again the file would be put on the bottom of the pile. What kind of answer is that? I just took another short sale with Aurora and the same response. I sent in a contract in June and I received the same response - The file will be reviewed in December (6 months later). I have to agree with you on not working with Aurora again. I have been working short sales since 2006 and they are really behind the times on how they process their files.



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