We currently have a GUARANTEED MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM for those attending our upcoming conference -

****As our volume of referral assignments continue to grow rapidly, we will be opening up the ENTIRE country for new preferred partners in Sept 2011! We will still only allow a certain number in each area, but we will not discourage you from signing up and can still offer you the Guaranteed Listings Program.

Below are the areas we are currently filled up in for preferred partner members. We do get plenty of referrals in all other areas of the country, and can still use preferred partner referral members in ALL other areas of the country!!

Areas do periodically open up as we stop referring to poorly performing agents and/or or volume increases.?? If you are interested, go ahead and sign up for Official Membership, as that also serves as our WAITING LIST to invite new agents to join preferred membership as openings are made.

***Over 75% of our official members are invited to become preferred partners in closed off areas within six months.

***Please contact us for a current list of closed areas! Things change often.

We currently have a GUARANTEED MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM for those attending our upcoming conference -


Arizona Counties: Maricopa, Pima, and Pina

California Counties and areas: Alameda,
Contra Costa, Fresno, Los Angeles, Madera, Marin, Monterey, Napa,
Orange, Placer, Sacramento, San Diego, San Francisco,vSan Joaquin, San
Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano, Nevada, Alameda, Stanislaus, San Benito, Western half of Riverside, Western half of San Bernardino, and Yolo County

Colorado: Greater Denver Area

Florida Counties: Lee, Hillsborough, Brevard, Volusia County and Greater Orlando area,

Georgia Counties:

Illinois Counties: Cook, Dupage, Will, Mchenry

Maryland Counties: Prince George's, Anne
Arundel, Montgomery, and Howard, Harford, Baltimore, Baltimore City,

Carroll, Frederick

Massachusetts Counties:

Nevada areas: Reno, Henderson, and Greater Las Vegas and North Vegas

New York Counties: Nassau, Suffolk, and

North Carolina Counties: Wake, Durham,
Johnston, Franklin

Ohio Counties: Cuyahoga, Lorain, Geauga,
Medina, Summit, Butler, Franklin, Warren, and Portage

Oregon Counties: Mulnomah, Washington,
Clackamas, and Yamhill

South Carolina Counties: Horry and

Texas Counties: Fort Bend, Harris, Galveston, and Tarrant

Utah areas: Greater Salt Lake City
Area and Washington
Virginia Counties and areas: Fairfax,
Loudoun, Frederick, Clarke, Prince William, Warren,
Newport News, Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, and Arlington, Norwalk, Suffolk,
Hampton, Alexandria,

Washington St. Counties: King, Pierce, and Kitsap

Again, ALL other areas of the country are currently OPEN for new partners!! If you do not see your area on the list, we can use you in our referral network! We will keep this list updated frequently as things change.
If you are interested, go ahead and sign up for Official Membership, as that also serves as our waiting list to invite new agents to join preferred membership as openings are made. We WILL without doubt need new referral partners in ALL of the above areas in the coming months! ***Over 75% of our official members are invited to become preferred partners withing six months!

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Being from Columus Ohio one of the counties I cover is closed. Wonder if you can tell me who has Franklin county so I can talk with him about the program and your network. There is another county I work in that I could sign up for as soon as I am at a comfort level.
(Being the conservative person now that I was taken in during my early years in real estate)

April Miklas is our agent coordinator and can tell you that better than myself. She has a group on here "Ask April". Definitely shoot her the question on her group. She is MUCH more conservative when it comes to membership than myself, and she kind of keeps up this list....
Thank you. I will.
contact membership - (877)737-4903
So, are you saying when we sign up as a paid member that we can only select one county area?
Absolutely not. Sign up to service as many counties, states, cities and market areas as you are willing to service. The more the merrier. We have a few agents that actually work multiple states that are in larger geographic coverage areas.

Obviously, if we send you something in an area you say you can service and then tell us you don't service that area, thats not good. So just make sure that you are willing to work all the areas you sign up in.
Okay, this sounds better now :) So, how do you consider or at what point do you consider a Territory "Closed" - What do you use to monitor...etc.? Also, can we do marketing on here for just negotiating with the Banks? I would like to offer this service to those agents who want to just do their normal listing part and I will do all bank can I use your service to target this niche? I am considering backing off equator for next month and coming here. I am on Silver there and 20 zip codes..but, this sounds like a better investment for my $300.00..I just want to cover all areas before I make the commitment...thank you for your help Mike :0) - OH! And what would be the purpose of me uploading files to a blog comment? Sorry, I can't think of anything.
We don't allow agents in our network to use 3rd party negotiations, at least not with the listings we refer out. Definitely check out the "network agreement" and read over it a bit for some specifics that we require. I know Angela and Joseph Alfe are VERY active on here and aren't even agents, they have a very large mitigation company I believe in Illinois. Of course, they don't advertise, but I'm sure folks go to their site all the time or contact them for their services in appreciation of their help offered on here.

As far as marketing on here, this site is pretty much ONLY meant for agents. We have sites that WE use to generate online business that we try to steer buyers and sellers to. We do get some on here however, and we allow links to your site on your profile page, as long as its not selling "stuff". We have also found that many of our members pages ARE showing up now on the 1st page of the search engines in cities and counties that are listed on the coverage area, so make sure you include them on your profile page! We encourage members to be part of our community on here and help each other when possible. Of course, its NOT required or anything.

As far as closed areas go, we have no specific formula. I just follow the guidelines from April Miklas, our agent coordinator (Ask April Group). We like to have the business to refer at least about one referral to each members per area per month minimum. Once we exceed that, we close of the area typically. Some areas much more, some much less. I know for example Phoenix and Vegas we have like 6-8 partners in each of those areas, but you'll never hear a soul complain about the # of referrals they receive.

April and the agents who actually send stuff out DO show favoritism, so obviously the agents that they like who consistently perform receive more in areas of high volume.

We say that a good rule of thumb is that our average agent receives 1-3 per month. That will cover probably 2/3rds of our agents. 1/3rd get them a little more or a little less frequently.

As our volume increases (which it is VERY rapidly), we'll open up some of the closed off areas again for new partners.

For anyone considering joining, there are many other similar policies and expectations at the bottom of the "preferred partners" page
Okay, I understand that. I am a Real Estate Agent just for "on the record stuff". Then I will use your network for just FULL listing referrals and talk to my partner about doing these referrals on my own. With the 25% referral I don't want to also give him a cut as it may not be worth my time...depending I was trained to work in a 2 Agent TEAM - But I am finding out after you get into the swing of the negotiation side that I don't want to share anymore - I know some business is better than NO business but if I am making the investment then I may not want to share the rewards...gotta think about it. Thank you for your help.
Its OK to let somebody else negotiate it, as long as they work for your brokerage company or directly under you. We just ask our agents not use non licensed companies, as there can be a communication breakdown and their are not regulated. We have a few important reason why we don't like outside parties to do things. It also makes it much better for communication and accountability purposes.
Mike when you say third party negotiators.... are you including attorneys? I partner with an attorney and I was thinking of signing up for the premium partnership program.
Under the S.A.F.E Act, real estate agents in Georgia can no longer handle loan negotiations and the terms of short sale for the seller unless we are licensed as a mortgage broker or loan originator (O.C.G.A 7-1-1000 et seq.). Other than getting a mortgage license, we now have no choice but to hire a third party negotiator or have one on our team. We are basically limited to providing documentation. Also, your list shows that you are not accepting agents for the greater Atlanta area. Is that just Fulton and Dekalb Counties, or are there more that are already filled?



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