I recently ran across this company.  They, basically, have an offer management system like Equator.  However, unlike Equator, their system allows for Buyer's Agents to make offers directly and it looks like they collect offers like HUD.  They allege that they are working in conjunction will Wells, GMAC and also, something called Fannie Mae Short Sale Assist. 

My initial inclination is to think that they are a third party company, not unlike Titanium Solutions, that is trying to find a way to get a foot in the door and create niche for themselves.

Has anyone heard of them or dealt with them?

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I've only done one deal with Kazork.  From what I understand, Fannie has partnered with them to assist in speeding up the short sale process.  They deal with GMAC, Wells & Chase if the loan is owned by Fannie Mae.  Fannie is paying their fee so it doesn't cost the seller anything or come out of the agent's commission.  Seemed to work well for me.  I received an approval in 4 days and we closed in 28.

Wow Christina.  How fortunate for me that you joined Short Sale Specialist Network 4 hours ago, just in time to answer this question.  Talk about timing...LOL. 


Welcome!  Your profile doesn't have much information yet.  What area do you cover?  I'm in New Hampshire and had never heard of them before.  Do they have more of a presence in your area?  Were you listing or selling agent on the deal you mentioned?  Do they collect offers like HUD?  Just curious about how it works.

Thanks again for responding.

It must be working because Titanium is slow.  Kazork came across my desk a couple of months ago but so did another 500 promising to get me leads.  It's still door to door and referrals for short sales for me.
Exactly, Michael! 
I've run into them with a GMAC deal I have.  Kazork cannot process HAFA so if that's what you have in mind so your client receives relocation monies and the guarantee of full release from the debt, they get referred back to the lender.
No, I don't have them in mind for any client.  I just ran across their name and their marketing hype and wondered if anyone had any experience with them.



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