Lets do a poll here


Casting your vote below can be as easy as saying below "We prefer to use outside companies to negotiate our short sales" or "Heck no, we do it ourselves or have an assistant or designated person in the office negotiate them". 


Most of you know my personal stance for The Short Sale Specialist Network, and that we require all of OUR referrals to be worked in house, but MOST of the people on this forum do NOT receive listing assignments from us!  I want to hear what YOU prefer to do with you short sale files, and for agents who DO receive listings from us, what do you do with your other files??




***Update 9/1/11 - I was at the REO Expo in Dallas a few months ago.  An agent asked a panel this same question.  I watched David Sunlin (Loss Mit Pres. for BOA) say "An agent should NEVER, EVER use a 3rd party company to negotiate their short sales".  I then watched the head of Loss Mit for CITI and the department head for Freddie Mac who were sitting next to him both shake firmly their heads YES in agreement.  Regardless of what the 3rd party negotiation companies say, or what would now appear to be only a small percentage of agents say, 3rd party negotiations  aren't needed or wanted in the transactions.



Here are some video testimonials for our Short Sale Lead Machine websites from just a few of the agents who are utilizing them! More coming soon...

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We are an investment company and do our own and also do short sales for a lot of Agents.  It is a win/ win.  They get a commission and we run the deal and buy the property.


Edited by Mike - Stop Advertising or offering services or you will not be welcome here.  Sounds more like a lose/lose/win situation and works out that way in my vast experience.

I do mine in house, but my partner has 2 processors (one is a broker) do most of his.
I do my own.
In house for sure, you keep better control of the shortsale and alot less communucation issues ( if that is really possible). Dealing with the servicers is bad enough!!
Definitely NO third parties! Third party companies are usually terrible in any situation from my experience. All in house work here with The Mid-South Team at RE/MAX Advantage...
I do all of mine in house so I know what is exactly going on and I can control the situation better.
I've done both.  I do my own short sale listings because I've known nothing but short sales since becoming an agent.  However, I have used outside services.  Currently, I am also licensed and employed as a loan originator in Arizona to provide 3rd party negotiations and have a base of agent clients.   The agents I work with are doing so to relieve the workload and time constraints that accompanies short sales.  In addition, partnering up with an experienced person (one who has worked short sales with various servicers and investors) provides an added measure of credibility for their sellers.
Do it ourselves. Have an assistant handle paperwork so we can spend our time on the phone with the banks


I have a short sale going with HSBC and running into a guy named Jose, what was your experience?




In house brother!
Heck no....Do it ourselves utilizing our own TC and Escrow for all negotiations.



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